Adam Phone Home

If you haven’t noticed, Adam has been on vacation.  His comments and preprepared posts aside his presence has been sorely missed on the blog.  More than that he has been like completely MIA in all the other places too.  Well to be honest he was online every day or so, but that is just not enough for those of use who need our daily dose of Adam. I may tease and joke about Adam on the blog, but I must tell you that when he is not around I feel a a hole in my life.  I will attempt to outline the things I miss about Adam below.  This is in no way a finite list of all things great and awesome about him.

1) Adam is a ginger.  I may joke about Gingers being evil or something, but in reality they are awesome.  I love gingers.  I wish I was one.

2) Adam is from New Jersey.  Although Adam’s vacation didn’t take him outside of the state of New Jersey, I think we should all note that his awesome is related to his being from that state.  New Jersey often gets a bum rep (some of which it deserves), but it has produced some awesome people.  Adam is one of them.

3) Adam likes cats.  Although I have previously indicated my affinity to cats, I like that Adam likes them.  If he like the musical Cats things would be different.  However, he likes the animals so I can put this in the plus column.  Adam takes care of his own cat and others during his volunteer days at a shelter.  This is wonderful.

4) Adam and I get into ridiculous arguments over silly pop culture stuff.  THIS IS FANTASTIC. Adam and I can have a completely meaningless conversation about a completely irrelevant person.  It is great.  He often loves the people I hate and vice versa.

There are many more wonderful things about Adam to explore, but I am too tired to think about them right now.  What are some great things you like about Adam?  Tell us in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Adam Phone Home”

  1. I’vr from Jerzee, and I also love cats and pop culture argumentz (that I always win). And I might not be gingerfied, but ginger ale is the only soda I can stand to drink without the inclusion of alcohol!

  2. I love Mikey because:
    1) he calls our website a “blot”
    2) he blogs when he’s drunk
    3) he doesn’t enjoy commas
    4) he covered for me when i was on vaycay
    5) he’s super sexy

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