Nothing to Wear

I’m sad!  Adam is going on vacation for an entire week, which leaves me without a co-blogger and a best friend!  Whatever will I do???? Oh wait, Adam already wrote a bunch of posts for me to use at will.  Fear not!  We shall read his thoughts again!  But that doesn’t solve the best friend thing. 😦

Before Adam went to the beach, he asked me to take a look at some of the articles of clothing he was planning on bringing along.  He wanted to make sure he had an appropriate mix of items so that he could be prepared for all kinds of things to arise.

Adam’s first look was chosen for everyday use. This elegant blue number works for just lounging around at home and for a quick trip to Wawa for snacks!  Plus no need to pack dental floss for this trip.  Score!

Next is Adam’s choice in formal beach attire.  Nothing says glamor and sophistication like a long sash extending from your penis and wrapped around your leg.  All he has to do is pair it with a Zorro mask and he is ready for a night in paradise.

As a deathly pale ginger, Adam loves to get sun.  He’s not happy unless he has skin cancer by the end of his vacation.  Keeping this in mind, Adam selected several skimpy numbers for the beach.  This one comes with a very convenient pocket right over the junk.  The beach isn’t the beach unless you have your keys getting you all hot and bothered.

Adam is not the kind of guy to get tied down to one swim suit.  The pocket number might be what he wants to wear while sunning himself, but it is not the kind of thing you would wear when building sand castles or hunting for sea shells.  No sir!  You need this fabulous strappy number for those kinds of activities.

After all the complicated crossing and tying associated with that last number, Adam decided to go with the most simple suit he could find.  For him that was this one legged thong thing.  He plans on using this one during surfing.

I hope you approve of all the items Adam chose for his trip cuz it is too late for him to find anything more risqué!  I don’t know that the company that created these numbers, Vizeau, had anything slutty enough for date night, but I guess he could just go naked.

PS Can you believe Adam modeled for all of these photos????


6 thoughts on “Nothing to Wear”

  1. Ha. I want pictures baby. I am so stealing that strappy number. And I’m pretty sure the pocket isn’t for your keys but the six-pack of condoms and lube he’ll need on vacation.

    I go on vacation Tuesday. Yay. May we both have a blast.

  2. Those things are ridiculous. That blue number is just stupid (sorry Adam). The guy in the white number looks like he needs a bra to go with his outfit. I don’t understand the sting one, plus the rings look uncomfortable. And the one leg? Granted that model looks like he has a bit of ass, but how does it stay on when you move?

  3. You don’t move John. You get yourself in a stratgeic pose and then just stand there. One dive in the pool and whoosh, the one legger is gone. Unless I suppose your butt clench muscles are extremely strong.

  4. Wow. The suits in the black and white photos would leave some interesting tan lines.
    I would love to see some date night outfits. Maybe in another post?

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