Don't mess with Momma

You’ve all seen My Cousin Vinny, right? You remember when Vinny tells Marisa Tomei that he is going to go hunting in order to milk the prosecutor for information and then Marisa Tomei tells the story below.

Imagine yer a dee-ya.  Ya prancin’ along, ya get thirsty, ya spot a lid-dull brook. ya put ya lid-dull deer lips down to the cool clea-ya wawder.  BAM!!!  A FUCKIN’ BULLET RIPS AWF PART OF YA HEAD. YOUR BRAINS ARE LAYIN ON THE THE GROUND, IN LID-DULL BLOODY PIECES.

That pretty much sums up my emotional response to the clip below.  You are just cruising along in cuteness and then you see some pretty disturbing things.  The clip is not for the weak-willed.  In fact, it made Adam cry.

Aren’t you glad that is over? I sure the hell am! But lets review what we just witnessed and some of the questions it poses:

1. Fawns like to curl up near the rear wheels of PT cruisers. Did Chrysler design this car specifically to attract deer? If so, what does this say about their suitability for driving in deer prone areas?

2. Cats will smell every inch of a fawn’s head and then crawl over that fawn with minimal reaction from the fawn. Do you think this fawn was tired or just really didn’t want to give up the good seat by the PT cruiser? Am I the only one who imagines the internal monologue of the cat AND the fawn? CAT: hmmm…what is this here? smells like something….stilll something…hmmm…let me see here…hmm….maybe if i just…yea…i’ll stand here. FAWN: why everybody always trying to smell me? Do I have BO?

3. Fawns and their mommies say hello by touching noses. That’s adorable! Wouldn’t it be great if human moms greeted their toddlers by bending down and touching noses?  I think that would make toddlers really happy.

4. Cats are curious and will follow a fawn wherever they may go. Fawns are slutty and will sleep with cars AND sidewalks. Cats may be pesky, but bigger predators are probably out there. Is this video a mashup of Bambi & Homeward Bound?

5. All the bad things a dog could ever imagine happening…happen all at once. Bambi’s mom vs dog ends sadly for dogs. Why did you watch that? During viewing, Adam (the vegan) called the deer an “asshole” and exclaimed “THROW A ROCK AT IT! :(”

6. After witnessing the dog get the shit kicked out of itself, the cat STILL tries to get close to the fawn and the doe. How stupid is this cat? Are all cats this stupid? At least the dog was about 10 yards away from the damned animal.

In closing, I would like to point out that ten years ago one would have had to wait for Fox to create a show like “When Savage Does Attack” before seeing this video.  Now we get to see them whenever we so desire.  Sad.


6 thoughts on “Don't mess with Momma”

  1. Holy crap. Why did the dog just lay there? Stupid shit. Run like the cat. Although why the cat was obsessed with that deer I have no clue. Maybe he’s actually the Baby Daddy or suspects something after that drunken night when he woke up in the forest with no pants.

  2. Animals doing what animals do. Moms defend their young, cats and dogs are curious. I feel bad for the dog, clearly the mom thought the dog was a threat.

  3. Cats are NOT st00pid and you’re a jerk to say such a thing. And I HATE deer! There such fucking dumbazz buttholez. Go get hit by a car (but not mine, please) you bitchez!

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