8 thoughts on “It's Just Another Manic Monday!”

  1. – The closest BJ’s to me is maybe a mile from a Dick’s. You can probably look up store locations on their respective websites and compare, if you’re really motivated.

    – Learn to make your own hummus. Srsly.

    – Lay off the diet soda, man. Just set it down and step away.

    – Are you sure that quilt goes with your wallpaper?

  2. We were looking for comforters at BB&B yesterday! It’s like we’re twins!!

    I make my own hummus – because I don’t like tahini. But then I guess it’s not really hummus.

    Josh is funny.

    Yes I did, and I’ll be watching!

    No – but 101 would be.

    Haven’t seen Son of Rambow, but I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox tonight and it was cussing cute.

  3. Oh, spicy morrocan bedding, now you can “spice things up” in the bedcroom. Alone apparently. Shut off the TV and start trolling the local bars.

    That picture of Spring is too adorable.

    We watched Fantastic Mr. Fox Saturday Michelle. It was better than my daughter expected because that was one of her fave books, but it was cute.

    Yay for diet soda. 😛

  4. I agree re: kicking the diet soda! Just say no!

    I only recommend Adam make his own hummus if he has a food processor. One of those industrial kinds. If he does, I’m going to “borrow” it.

    Spring is hands down adorable. Can you do a post of photos of Spring alone? How about one of the days I’m supposed to do it? yay!

    please don’t make fun of my Tony’s viewing. I got you to watch it didn’t I?????

  5. Never Adam? Sheesh, I live way further from NYC than you and I’ve even seen one. Or two. And off-Broadway. Seems we need to expand your horizons.

  6. For a spawn of the devil himself, Spring is pretty cute. Here is a blog topic: why did you name her Spring?

    I don’t have HBO, so no True Blood for me last night. I have other sources, so I will be watching tonight. By the way did you see Doctor who?!!? I LOVED it!

    My sister-in-law’s mother, who is Lebanese, makes *the* best humus known to man.

  7. I thought “Son Of RamBORING” was mediocre. Not worth the Indie buzz it generated! I’ve watched a few episodez of “Party Down.” I like it cuz JANIS IAN FROM “MEAN GIRLS” IS IN IT! And yay for Miley lurrrving gayz! Durh we love her back!

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