Eat Da Friday Poo Poo!

Welcome to the Friday Five, where I examine my five favorites of the week!

Topping my list of MOST HATED for the week is our web server at GoDaddy! Thanks to GoDaddy, Cocky & Rude experiences slow loads and frequent outages! (someone, please help!)

Oh wait … this week I’m writing the Friday Five, which is a list of my five favorite things of the week. I can’t be grumpy every week, can I? (Actually, I’m usually grumpy every second of ever day…) So if you’re not too busy watching this video of a cat sneezing and farting at the same time, lemme unzip mah britches so you can check out my Five!

Up first this week is Eat Da Poo Poo! Yes, I know that I listed this ridiculously homophobic Ugandan video as one of last week’s Bizzaro Five. But this week, YouTube has seen dozens of hilarious remix videos. It’s what the gays (and friends) do best, make silly jokes during times of homophobia! This week, Eat Da Poo Poo is super-trendy.  It’s hip, it’s hot, let’s lick it like ice cream! *Besos* *Besos*

Let’s all take drugs to enjoy the next item on my Friday Five! (foreplay) Next on my list are the season finales of United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie! Both of these excellent shows wrapped this week, and the finales were great! If you haven’t seen these Showtimes hits, please watch them immediately. Sadly, I cannot give you ANY finale details because Enrico would murder me! That kid just can’t watch live tv…

Now if we have any children, please step out.

Touchy Touchy! Sniff Sniff! Accept Eating Poo Poo?! Next on my list is Watermelon. I seriously cannot stop eating this delicious summer fruit! OMG it’s pink, sweet, watery and amazing. Nom, nom, nom! *gargle* *gargle* *slurp* *sloppy joe*  (don’t forget to spit out the seeds! Hehehehahaha, you pervert!)

Insert your hand, into the anus, all the way! Doing such things can get smelly. That’s why the Filt-R Mask is on this week’s Friday Five. After Mikey’s stinky hand post (seriously, the guy just needs to wash his hands more frequently), we noticed that Google was plopping ads for the Filt-R Mask onto our site. I hope this trend catches on, because these things are hot! Can’t you imagine walking down the street and passing happy homophobic Ugandan doctors (and normal people too!) wearing these crazy-ass masks? That’d be awesome!
*fap* *fap* *fap* *fap*

He puts the hand deeeeeeper! But they enjoy it! =) OMG only in my dreams. That’s why SLEEPING is my final Friday Five of the week. I can’t get enough of the nightly slumber this week. I’ve been sleeping as many as 9 hours a night and I just want more, more, more! Who cares about work and life. Sleeping is goooood. ZZZzzzzzzz

That’s it, my crazy Poo Poo and Non- Poo Poo eating friends! This week my favorites are Eat Da Poo Poo, Tara and Jackie, Watermelon, Filter Masks and catch’n ZZZZZ’s. What are you favorites of the week?! *meow* *meow* *meow*

Ahhh stuck up for Liza! (Doesn’t it sound like he says that at the end?) Minnelli? That guy is sooooo a closet poo poo eater. He’s probably wide-stancing in a public restroom stall while you’re reading this. Accept Eating Poo Poo?


3 thoughts on “Eat Da Friday Poo Poo!”

  1. I think that you should make sure Martin Ssempa is seeing your post. He would LOVE to find out that he is saying iconically gay things like “ahh stuck up for Liza!”

  2. 1. Half-days off work – yay yesterday and today
    2. Only 6 more days of work until my first vacation
    3. Seeing Polt, Vuboq and a shit-load of my on-line girl friends on said vacation
    4. Receiving cool new music CD’s in the mail from friends
    5. No rain today.

  3. 1) Lays potato chips.
    2) Quitting my job (even though I was talked out of it. For now).
    3) The hilarious Kathy Griffin (Does the Bible Belt) D list starts soon!
    4) Pajamas. Why can’t I wear you all the time?
    5) Martinis. A girl’s best friend.

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