Welcome to the Friday Five, where I examine my five favorites of the week!

OMFG it’s Friday.  This gawd awful week is almost over!  Not only have I spent the week moving, it’s also an early deadline week at work because of Memorial day, AND my super-mean coblogger made me write three blog posts in a row (he didn’t, I’m being dramatic).  AND Even thought my week was filled to the brim with woe and misery, I still had time to pick my five favorites of the week.  It’s the Friday Five!

My first favorite of the week is Crystal Bowersox!  Even though the good ‘ole Sourbox didn’t win American Idol, she’s still the best!  Sure, DeWyze (you know, that guy that worked at a paint store) may have more commercial (and sex) appeal, but Sourbox deserved to win.  Sourbox was a special talent that we’ve never seen before on Idol… and my husband is good, but he’s just like every other male rocker out there.  Hurray for number two!  Hurray for Crystal Bowersox! And at least she [lies and says that she] feels like she won: “I feel like I’ve won because Lee won, and I have such respect for him as an artist and a human being,” Bowersox said backstage after the finale. “Both of us are going to have very successful careers and we’re going to be friends for a long time.” (quote from

And Hurray for Kurt’s Dad on Glee!  We’ve featured Mike O’Malley on the Friday Five before but this week on Glee, he did something extraordinary.  SURE, Kurt is a creepy freak who is so obsessed with Finn that he fixed up their single parents and schemed Finn into sharing his basement bedroom, which he kinda redesigned to be a sex den… BUT when Finn crumbles to the football playing bully’s taunting and subsequently starts throwing the F-word (the homophobic one) around, Kurt’s dad had heard enough.  What followed was an impassioned, loving, supportive, necessary… and uncomfortable speech.

Something else that’s uncomfortable?  Dealing with me when I’m grumpy!  I haven’t had a minute of downtime all week.  When I’m not at work, I’ve been moving the entire contents of my apartment myself (I have help to move the big stuff on Saturday).  I’m constantly stressed out because I’m barely sleeping!  I’ve yelled at friends, family and coworkers — and even threatened to punch Mikey in the face (via email, and don’t worry, it was a joke, I swear!).  I think Mikey summed it up best with his suggestion for a Friday Five: “Don’t forget being an asshole.”

What can calm me down?  How about some mood music!  Mood Music Chooser is my fourth favorite of the week.  Hop on over to the site, choose your desired mood, and let the tunes take you away.  Right now I’m listening to calm, maybe next I’ll listen to asleep on my feet, cuz that’s how I’m feeling right now.  And I still need to drive to my other apartment, pack up my kitchen, take out the trash, disassemble my bed tonight and if there’s still them: SLEEP!  Ack!

If mood music can’t save me from my misery, then there’s only one … baby … to call.  IRON BABY!  Check out this super-cute creature as she flies around, battles evil bunnies, and still manages to make it home in time to be ADORABLE!!!

Sourbox, Kurt’s Dad, My Grumpy Ass, Mood Music and Iron Baby!  What an odd Friday Five mix … I like it!  So what are your five favorites of the week?  And do you care that I was too lazy/exhausted to make a fun animated .gif for this week’s post?  Lemme know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “OMFG IT’S THE FRIDAY FIVE!”

  1. 1. Monday was a holiday for me so yay for short week (boo for short weeks from hell)
    2. Getting to go to our Parliament yesterday to see the Mexican President speak (very cool)
    3. I’ll go with Kurt’s Dad as well. Great speech.
    4. Finally getting my CD for the CD exchange sent out
    5. My daughter’s birthday today. Happy 15 honey! We’re going out for brunch later and having cake with a couple of friends tomorrow.

  2. 1. My Friend Kim’s Son’s performance as Gaston in his school production of Beauty and the Beast!
    2. Kurt’s Dad is amazing….I really hope that gets recognized by someone with a golden trophy thing
    3. Adam’s move, cuz it gets him away from the crazy neighbors…and in a town with a name that sounds like disease
    4. payday….enuf said
    5. coffee….it just makes getting through work possible

  3. The little dog with whom I am living. Adorable, evil little thing.
    The work week being over.
    With Every Heartbeat by Robyn.
    My dad’s 80th birthday this weekend.

  4. Happy birthday Kristen and john’s dad!

    Moving is the pits. I feel for you.

    1) 3 day weekends
    2) The high thread count sheets we just bought. Ahhh….
    3) Hugs from the kids at work
    4) Catsup. Too bad I can’t find soggy/greasy french fries to put it on.
    5) The writer who wrote Kurt’s speech.

    I missed the animated gif. But Ironbaby made up for it (even though that baby wasn’t really all that cute).

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