Sport’n Wood. Hollywood, that is.

We’re only 2 weeks away from the 9th season finale of American Idol and why not reuse a theme and mentor from last year?  The show still gets ratings, so why bother doing anything original?!  It’s movie theme night (My fingers are still crossed for the theme from Ghostbusters!) and Jamie Foxx is back to invade comfort zones, hand out t-shirts (huh?) and just overall suck.   Let’s get this over with…

Up first was my husband singing Seal’s Kiss From a Rose from Batman Forever.  We’ve sat by for what feels like years with Lee, and he has finally grown and matured in this competition.  This is a guy with confidence, he’s having a great time on stage, and he’s smiling!  This wasn’t the greatest of his performances, but it was a’ight for me, dawg. B

Next up was Big Fat Michael Lynche with MJ’s Will You Be There from Free Willy.  Apparently he set a goal last year that he’d make it to top three, so I’m already voting that he goes home this week!  Oh, and I’m seriously holding myself back from a Free Willy fat joke… While Mike sings fairly well, I really just don’t like him.  His arrogance just really bothers me.  And for me, this performance was just MEH, and I have trouble caring. C

In order for Idol to fill an entire hour, they’re pairing the contestants into two duet performances.  Our first duet was Lee and Crystal who decided (or were told to) perform Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová’s Falling Slowly from Once.  Do you think that the producers paired the two strongest performers together on purpose?  A preview of the finale?!  This song resulted in a a near tear explosion for me … simply amazing.  Love them, love them, love them, love them, love them.  Even their chemistry was fantastic, and if I wasn’t already married to Lee, I would expect them to immediately mate and produce super Idol babies. A+

Up next was Casey singing Simon and Garfunkel’s Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate.  Casey was trying hard to sound like Eddie Vedder as he plopped his ass on the stage and strummed on a ukulele.  His vibrato was very messy, and I just wasn’t digging his voice.  Casey is trying his best to beat Fat Mike out for the number three spot, and I’m questioning if he will. C

With the last solo performance, Crystal Bowersox performed Kenny Loggins’ I’m Alright from Caddyshack.  Despite an odd movie choice, she grabbed a 4-iron off of her golf cart and smacked this one right down the fairway.  Yea, I don’t know anything about golf … but I try.  She sounded simply fantastic — love her! A

Finally we were treated to another duet performance, this one starring Mike and Casey.  Singing Bryan Adams’ Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman from Don Juan DeMarco, this odd pairing was … awkward.  As they sang about loving women, they exchanged odd looks and nods that just came across as a little creepy.  If you ignore the looks and focus on the music, they did a pretty good job.  No where as good as the first duet, but good.  Ellen: “As a matter of fact, yes I really have loved a woman.” Casey & Mike’s performance B, Ellen for her joke A+

So what did you think?  Who’s going to go home?  Who did you love?  And have you ever really loved a woman?  Sing me a song in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Sport’n Wood. Hollywood, that is.”

  1. Honestly, I got nothing. Except that my favorite version of “Mrs. Robinson” is the Lemonheads’ version. Love me some Evan Dando.

  2. No one gave me goosebumps tonight. The Crystalee duet was good. I liked Crystal’s song choice. It was original – as was the way she performed the song. I’m tired of hearing “Kiss From a Rose” and “Have you Ever…” I think once a song’s been sung on AI they should retire it. This goes double for anything by Alicia Keyes. And triple for “Over the Godamn Rainbow.”

    I think Big Tub of Mike is going home. Even though he did better than Casey.

  3. @Michelle I 100% agree about not recycling the music. Once sung…off the list. I have no love for Big Mike…but seriously I can’t stand Casey’s terrible warble another week. can’t they both have gotten equally low votes and get eliminated now? is that too much to ask?

  4. I don’t normally read these posts because I don’t watch Idol, but I was excited when I read the first line as “the ninth and FINAL season of American Idol”. I was disappointed when I reread it and realized what it actually said.

  5. I was SOOOOOO scared that Crystal was going home! Pish…should have known better. If it’s not Lee vs. Crystal [feat. Bowersox victory] in the finale, then I’ma be pissed and hit a lot of peepz.

    And John, what’s wiff the animosity towards “Idol”?! MEAN.

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