Feeling Strangely Fine

I am on the road to a shaved head and an orange robe

Adam chose the title of this post before I even had the chance to write it.  It is oddly enough very appropriate.  I had my second meditation class tonight and I am, in fact, feeling strangely fine.  This is no small feat since I spent the better part of the past week wishing my face was scraped off with a lemon zester. Ok … so maybe I wasn’t that depressed, but Adam can attest to the fact that I was a bit blue.

So what does meditation have to do with all of this?  Well … my therapist (yes, I am one of those people) recommended that I look into meditation as a way of calming myself and getting peace from within.  I was  highly skeptical, but intrigued.  Therefore it took me five months to actually get my ass to a meditation session.  As you all know from last week’s post, I left feeling rather decent about it until I was accosted by a crazy Fedex driver.  I swear I do not have anything against delivery people or their vehicles.  I just have issues with the way some of those people behave.

Tonight’s class was more challenging for me primarily because we had to practice mindful speaking and listening with a partner and I was really worried that my breath was terrible.  I did get a lot out of the session.  I learned about the five precepts.  After learning about them, I think I might actually be a Buddhist. Why?  Lets run them down shall we…

1. I undertake the training rule to abstain from taking life.

I have never killed anyone…and I don’t plan to.  What’s more, I was vegetarian for five years and I am close to being one again.  I like not killing stuff.  It makes me happy.

2. I undertake the training rule to abstain from taking what is not given.

I don’t steal.  I don’t embezzle.  I even get uncomfortable if I accidentally take a pen home from work.

3. I undertake the training rule to abstain from sexual misconduct.

I don’t conduct in much sex these days, but I plan to again soon. When I do it will be consensual and with someone who is not intoxicated or a child.  Done and done.

4.  I undertake the training rule to abstain from false speech.

I do my damnedest to be honest and open, often to a fault.  Ask some of my coworkers.

5. I undertake the training rule to abstain from fermented drink that causes heedlessness.

This is the most difficult one to say that I already follow.  I think it is always a goal of mine to not become intoxicated, but goals aren’t always accomplished.  However, I think that I can tackle this easily.

So, now that you know the five precepts, how Buddhist do you think you are?  I already told Adam that he’s more Buddhist than me.  Ask him yourself!


11 thoughts on “Feeling Strangely Fine”

  1. Hell, I even call myself a Buddhist. Despite the fact that I pretty much never ever make it to meditation group. I still try to live by the eightfold path, though, and make an effort to be mindful. Most of the time, at least.

  2. 1. Well, I’m a confirmed meat eater but never killed, nor do I plan on killing a human.

    2. Got it (although I may have a rather large quantity of pens at home that end up in my purse after meetings)

    3. I’m good (sad sigh)

    4. I suppose, I don’t lie purposely but I also won’t say your ass looks big in those pants even if it looks huge, does that count?

    5. Well, I haven’t been drunk in ….. forever and I rarely drink but once in a while I like a beer or a fancy drink with an umbrella.

    So I guess I’m “slightly” Buddhist but to me that’s just being a decent human being, no “religion” required.

  3. 1. I’m vegan and I never even kill bugs.
    2. I never steal anything — not even pens.
    3. Yea, that’s not a problem.
    4. I don’t lie, except for little white lies…
    5. I haven’t had a drink since last year.

    You’re right … I am more Buddhist than you!

    1. I told you!!!! SEEEEEE its not even about religion….or worship…you are just sooo much more respectful of human beings and the world….if you don’t count me. You make me out to be a horrible pederast on our blog

  4. SEMISONIC?!?!

    1. I proudly eat dead animal flesh. But I have yet to kill anyone in person.

    2. I don’t steal…ug…sick! Unless it’s a handful of my roomie Shawn’s organic cheez puffiez when he’s not looking. SO GOOD!

    3. People should only be sexxxy wiff peepz they are committed to. If you don’t then you don’t respect [feat. P!nk] your body or the bodies of others.

    4. Eh…fuck that. I lie and gossip all the time. Life is more fun that way!

    5. As long as it’s not behind the wheel of a go-kart then it’s all good.

  5. 1. I do eat meat, but only poultry, no red meat or fish. I haven’t killed anyone, yet.

    2. I don’t steal.

    3. Yea, back in that category again.

    4. I avoid lying, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t.

    5. I don’t drink alcohol. It doesn’t like me.

    Meditation is a good and powerful thing. I highly recommend “Minding The Body, Mending The Mind”. Great book on meditation.

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