Master Cleanse – Day 4

Well folks, Day four started out like the past three.  I got up feeling relatively refreshed and alert from a nice long night of deep sleep.  On my way to work, I picked up a hefty bag of lemons to replenish my stock.  At that point I only had two lemons left and that would only get me halfway through the day.  But they were not meant to be used.

By noon, after two of my doses of miracle elixir, my eyes felt sunken, my head was aching, and I had the attention span of a fruit fly.  I was finding it difficult to focus and accomplish some of the simplest of tasks.  Two of my coworkers who had been following my cleanse told me the bad news: my brain was suffering due to lack of nutrients and I wasn’t going to get more alert or active until I ate something real.

That was it.  I broke down and decided that I had to get some real food for a change.  But what exactly do you eat after not consuming any solid food for almost four days?  I decided on a small green salad with a bit of blue cheese and low fat balsamic vinaigrette.  No need to tempt fate with the large one at all or even the burrito I really wanted to get.  The picture above is one taken of that very salad.

I felt no guilt about not making my goal of 7 days.  I had set out to purify my body in preparation for a healthier more balanced diet.  I think I accomplished that.  I also realized after finishing that small salad that my stomach had shrunk a bit.  I felt completely full after that itty bitty salad, while a week before I would have had to run to the drug store for some more junk. I know that eating smaller portions will bring shame on my family of over-eaters, but it is a risk we all must take.

I also know that I have the will to control what I am eating.  The Master Cleanse is not a great lifestyle choice and I wouldn’t advocate it to anyone, but it did help me to accept the fact that I don’t have to have that afternoon carb fest to deal with the stress.  I’m not going to be going on a Master Cleanse again anytime soon.  If anything, I might go for the Green Smoothie Cleanse.  I’m sure if I do, Adam will request I blog about it.  Lets hope I don’t turn into a brain dead zombie on that one.


4 thoughts on “Master Cleanse – Day 4”

  1. Yay! I’m glad you fell off the wagon. I think as long as you’re eating fruits/vegetables/grains you’re doing okay : ).

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