The Friday Five!

Welcome to the Friday Five, where I examine my five favorites of the week!

This week marked the return of all of our favorite show, Glee!  The episode opened us up to a new chapter of the show, which will presumably culminate in a showdown between Vocal Adrenaline and New Directions.  The episode was decent, but what was really hot this week, was Sue Sylvester’s stunning Vogue performance in the a sneak preview of the April 20th “Madonna Episode” of Glee.  I can’t wait!

A day after Glee said “Hello,” another of my favorite shows, Ugly Betty, said “Goodbye.”  Since Enrico will murder if I spoil anything that happened, let’s just say that I was happy with the series finale.  It’s not often that a series finale episode leaves you happy, but I felt good about the way that Ugly Betty ended.  That said, I’ll forever miss my Ugly Betty family! *tears*

Something else I’ve been missing lately is diet soda!  I gave up drinking soda about a year and a half ago (the same time I swapped vegetarianism for veganism).  After two weeks of splitting caffeine-withdrawal headaches, I finally broke the habit.  But after 18 months, I’m off the wagon, and I’m loving it!  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been drinking diet soda by the gallon, and I just can’t get enough!  I know that I’ll give it up again sometime soon … but until then, pass me the Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.  Now!

And while diet soda is awesome, it doesn’t even place on the The Most Awesomest Thing Ever list.  The site is a new, time-sucking website which pits random “awesome” things against each other.  Where else can Al Gore face off against The Cold War, Lance Bass go head-to-head with a Casserole, and Arm Pit Hair go up against Clam Chowder?  It’s silly, it’s fun, and it’s addictive!  Topping their list of awesome (as of post time) are: The Internet, A Nap, Technology, Life, and a Real Lightsaber.

Our last awesome thing for the week is EATING.  This favorite is mainly a poke at Mikey, who has completed his third food-less day of cleansing.  I personally love eating, mainly because … food tastes good!  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats are all great!  So as you enjoy stuffing your food-hole with delicious morsels, just think of poor Mikey pooping out the green Twizzler that he ate a few days ago, as he flushes his body out with lemon, water, salt, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  That boy’s gotta be shitting rainbows at this point.  Eww, gross!

So that’s it!  Sue, Betty, Soda, Awesome and Food are my five favorites of the week … what are yours?


9 thoughts on “The Friday Five!”

    1. Honestly, it was a toss-up between that video and The Most Awesomest Thing Ever site. I decided on the later because it had the word “Awesomest” in it. And if I had known that Harry made you dinner … that would have been at the top of the list!

  1. Adam – I suggest you use the Master Cleanse to remove all the diet pepsi toxins from your body. I can instruct you!


  2. I really think that licorice story was slightly over the TMI line and I’m now scarred for life.

    I like diet soda but not cola. Anything else, fruity is good.

    I like food too. Too much. Ah well. I’ll just have my maple syrup poured over pancakes.

    And Mikey posted that damn link on Facebook and now I’ll get nothing done. Gummy Bears over phospherous. Is there any need to choose really?

  3. “Anything fruity is good” LOL!

    I gave up caffeine 2+ years ago and don’t miss it. No withdrawal either.


    1. Sleep, I wish it liked me half as much.
    2. Sugar Cookies. Mmmmm cookies
    3. Having my knee drained (would have been higher if the pain hadn’t kicked in today)
    4. Spinach and feta pizza for lunch.
    5. Taking comfort in the fact that I didn’t really like licorice very much before the last post.

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