Master Cleanse – Day 3

Day three of the cleanse has come and gone.  It was much like day two, except I skipped the nasty salt water flush.  I think I’m better for it.  The main thing I have to report from yesterday was how tired I felt.  The hunger pangs are under control, but in the mid to late afternoon I was dragging ass all over my office. I also my brain was super slow and rather quacky.  I was singing along to my music at work like a wannabe American Idol star at karaoke.  I’m sure my coworkers were entertained by my antics.

I also ran out of maple syrup midday on Day 3.  I had stocked up on maple syrup, but left it at home.  AND the trusty bottle I was traveling with ran dry after my second drink, so I was forced to purchase more at the local grocery store.  Boo….especially since it was a lot more expensive near my office than near my apt.  Gotta love it!

Also, I deconstructed the damn bed I mentioned in yesterday’s update which was a lot easier than constructing it.  When I finished it became clear that the best thing to do was collapse and fall deftly into sleep.  I must say that the best thing that is happening as a result of my cleanse is my sleep.  I have been sleeping so much more soundly and restfully than I do when I am eating lots of crap.  As someone who has suffered from insomnia since about the age of 14, its quite refreshing.  Accompanying my Master Cleanse induced comas are the most vivid dreams I have had in ages.  Not a one is a nightmare too!

So…Master cleanse I praise you for giving me the lack of energy to fall asleep and stay that way for long periods of time.


4 thoughts on “Master Cleanse – Day 3”

  1. I would think this would not be a good thing for people who drive public transit (or drive at all perhaps), construction workers, really anyone who needs to have very good reflexes and react quickly to possibly save a life because seriously, I don’t want my surgeon to be zoning out half-way through my kidney removal. The brain requires nutrients to function at it’s best (body function and brain function are two different things) and I’m pretty sure the nutrients requires are NOT maple syrup and lemon juice.

    Hunger naturally goes away after a while when your body gives up ever hoping for something more. I think it’s probably a safety mechanism of some type, to let you prepare for death. LOL

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