Master Cleanse – Day 1

As promised,  here is a report on my first day of the Master Cleanse which I introduced you all to yesterday.

I’m hungry. But not as hungry as I was expecting.  When I get a hunger pang, I just juice a lemon, add the syrup, cayenne and water and my hunger just goes away for about three hours.  It is actually quite disturbing.  What I can say about the main drink concoction itself is that it doesn’t taste bad.  Not at all.  It mainly tastes like slightly less sweetened lemonade with a bit of heat.  Except when you get a big chunk of cayenne and your lips burst into flames.

I did start to space out and get a bit loopy in the late afternoon, but I was at work soooo that’s about normal.

The part of the regimen that is really unpleasant is the salt water flush.  As a gay man, I’ve tasted my share of salty things, but nothing compares to a liter of salt water that you chug.  The last gulp is the worst because you actually taste the salt.  Then when the water decides to makes its way out…its not pretty.  I may choose not to do this part again.  Some information I’ve read suggests that you can replace it with other more pleasant ways of cleaning out your digestive tract.

Check back tomorrow for more exciting news about my cleanse!  I know you are all waiting impatiently!


5 thoughts on “Master Cleanse – Day 1”

  1. 15 years ago or so, a friend of mine attended a seminar on some body cleansing diet thing. She was all into it until at one point the speaker head up this bag containing, what my friend said, looked like a ziploc bag filled with clumps of wet dog hair, smashed up brownies, muddy water. And the speaker proudly said, “This is what comes out of your body when you follow my programs!”

    My friend got up right then and left. To stop form vomiting.

    Good luck to you, though.


  2. Okay, is it purely coincidence that you have an add for weight loss and some colon cleanse stuff in the top corner or is the computer that smart?

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