Gleefully Lost in AMERICAN IDOL!

It’s Tuesday night … and you know what that means!  LOST?!  GLEE!!!!  There’s so much great TV packed into a few hours!!!  But while you’re Gleeking out over Lost, don’t forget about American Idol!

After last week’s surprising elimination and predictable save of Big Mike, we’re back with again with 9 contestants this week.  This week cracks open the big fat, greasy, beadazzled Elvis songbook. And who is our mentor this week?  Well of course it’s Adam Lambert.  Wait — what??!  It’s last year’s runner up.  The guy with one hit song.  The guy that’s more famous for grabbing crotches and sticking his tongue in guy’s mouths on live tv, than he is for singing.  Yep, Glambert.  Blechk.

Up first was this year’s winner (trust me), Crystal Bowersox with Saved.  She was fantastic (just like always), and can truly do no wrong in this compeition.  Elvis’ gospel/blues sound was just perfect for her.

Andrew was up next with Hound Dog.  Adam Lambert convinced him to ‘change it up’ and make it less boring … so Andrew made it more boring.  Please send this kid home.
For serial, if I wasn’t blogging about Idol, I would have hit my fast-forward button.

Tim Urban Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.  While I hardly love him back, tonight’s performance was really good.  I hate to admit it, but his sing-songy, cute, lullaby version was just really, really good.  Wow, I just never thought I’d say that about Tim!

My husband Lee was up next with A Little Less Conversation.  I love Lee every week, and this was week is no different.  His raspy rocker voice is just fantastic.  This is someone whose music I will illegally download to after Idol.

Yoda-Dwarf-Baby was next with Blue Suede Shoes.  In his intro he said “I don’t necessarily know that this song fits me, it’s probably wrong in every possible way…” andddd that was about right.  This song was just too big and cool for little geeky Aaron.  Sorry buddy, you’re going home this week.

Siobhan Magnus was next with Suspicious Minds.  While I usually like Siobhan, this week’s performance just felt too rehearsed, staged and weird for me.  Plus her giant mouth kept trying to reach through the tv screen and eat me … I’m not sure what the deal is with that, but it was uncomfortable for both of us.

Big Mike was up next with In The Ghetto.  After being saved from elimination last week, Big Mike had to prove himself, and he sounded great this week.  Much better than stupid Taylor Hicks when he sang the same song.

Katie asked Baby What You Want Me To Do next, and I responded, “go home!”  I’m not sure what it is, but just don’t like Katie.  Her performance wasn’t too bad, but I just find her to be annoying and forgettable.  I just don’t care about her!

Our night ended with Casey in a sea of women performing Lawdy Miss Claudy.  It’s a song I’ve never heard of, and a very middle-of-the road, so-so performance by the shirless wonder.  If only he closed the night with some bagpipes, then we’d be talking!

Winners of the night?  I’d say Crystal, Lee, Tim Urban and Big Mike.  Losers?  For me it was Andrew, Aaron, and Katie.  What’d you think?  Who’d you like?  Who cares!  It’s time for GLEE!  See ya!


3 thoughts on “Gleefully Lost in AMERICAN IDOL!”

  1. Crystal and Lee! Yay! Big Mike borez me and I thought Tim was a boatload of MEH this week! Katie was good but forgettable [aka her favo combination] and I thought it was sweet how Aaron tried to act like an actual performer for once. And I hope Siobhan mania drowns.

  2. Crystal and Lee were great. Casey was good. I prefer Cartman’s version of “In the Ghetto.” I don’t care about Katie either! And I fast forwarded through Andrew’s song for you.

    Siobhan’s giant mouth – haha!

    I kind of want to punch her in the face.

  3. I saw Siobhan perform and she started out ok…but then she just became a cat shrieking in heat. I’m officially over her. I defer to Adam’s judgment on the rest.

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