Smooth & Soft… Like a Sausage!

Whenever I’m bored, I stalk people on facebook lurk around Wikipedia and look up all those sorta things that I should have learned in my high school sexual education class when I was too busy paging through our textbook, giggling at pictures of penises and hoping that I’d never come face-to-face with a vajayjayEwwSeriouslygross!

On a recent Wikipedia adventure, I came across the Bristol Palin Stool Scale!  It describes the seven types of stool, categorized from Type 1 (Separate hard lumps, like nuts!) all the way to the the squirty Type 7 (entirely liquid).

Admit it!  Before you flush, you always take a peek at the poop you leave behind.  I suggest that you print out this chart, hang it in your bathroom, and track your fecal consistency!  It’ll be great fun for you, the family and all your friends!  And Mr. Hankey will thank you!

I know exactly what you’re thinking … and you’re welcome!


9 thoughts on “Smooth & Soft… Like a Sausage!”

  1. As if adding tuna to your pasta wasn’t enough to make you pray to the porcelain god….gross.

    I was also eating when I loaded this page, but was smart enough to not read it until I was done.

    Michelle M. I love you. There I said it. And if that’s wrong, I don’t ever want to be right!

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