I Learned To March Too!

Mikey loves to pick on me for my lack of knowledge in the LGBT History department (primarily because I told him to pick on me and I think it’s funny).  But there is something that I know about marching … because I was in god damned marching band!  That’s right, I survived 4 years of high school marching band, where I played trumpet for 3 years, and sousaphone for the last.  I survived four years of band camp (which never featured a flute in my pussy), four years of blood, sweat and tears while dressed in wool with a dead chicken on my head, four years on a muddy uneven practice field (cuz our fancy shoes would ruin the real football field) and four years of marching in competition every weekend so we could win a silly plastic trophy.  That’s right, Mikey!  I can snap to attention, roll-step, prance, high-step and march forward, backwards and sideways, all while tooting my own horn with the best of them!  So there!!  What do you have to say for yourself now?!


2 thoughts on “I Learned To March Too!”

  1. Ha! I was in marching band too. But way less high stress than your experience and we had big hats like the guards at Buckingham Palace wear. I only joined for one year (playing clarinet) and that summer we did a three week European tour. We marched in some parades and played some concerts in the England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. After that I promptly quit never to march again. 🙂

    Yay for sousaphones. They don’t get the profile they deserve.

    1. Whaat?! Three weeks in Europe?! All I got was a trip to the Bahamas (where we marched in million degree weather in wool) and a bus trip to Disney (from NJ). You were lucky!!

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