Beatles, Bagpipes & Didgeridoos

Tonight’s Idols faced off against the Lennon/McCartney songbook; a book that holds about a thousand of my all time favorite songs. It’s the night of Idol that I always look forward to the most, but one where I usually find myself cringing. It’s always dangerous to mess with hit songs, but when it comes to John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s “more popular than Jesus” tunes, it can be fatal. A song reinterpretation on American Idol can be your checkmate or your ticket home. So how did tonight’s karaoke contesting Idol wannabes fair when they tackled my beloved favorites? Let’s take a look!

Aaron Kelley started the night off with The Long and Winding Road. The little baby Yoda (?) put the entire audience to sleep with the song. It’s always been a pretty, but boring song, and he since he didn’t really change anything, well  … *snore*

Next up was Katie Stevens, who sang Let It Be. I’ve always felt like Let It Be is a song that should tear at your emotions, but Katie’s interpretation was sorta happy and peppy.  It just wasn’t for me, but the judges seemed to love it.  Maybe I’m just sick of Katie … can’t we just get rid of her?

Following Katie was Andrew Garcia, who weirded me out with a cheesy, poppy version of Can’t Buy Me Love. With his back to the judges (he was standing on that weird little platform behind them), he just didn’t sound good.  I always have high hopes for Andrew, but he so often disappoints.

Big Mike was up next and chose one of my favorites: Eleanor Rigby. I was scared that he’d ruin it with his R&B reinterpretation, but I found myself actually enjoying it! Yep, this is the FIRST TIME I’ve really enjoyed Big Mike! Good job, buddy!

An under-the-weather (just like me!) Crystal Bowersox was next. While I dreamed of her singing Revolution, she chose Come Together (almost as good). I’m not sure about the accompanying didgeridoo, but it was solid, fun, and … who am I kidding? This girl has already won American Idol. ’nuff said.

Ugh … Tim UrbanAll My Lovin’ … bad … talentless … haircut … stupid … go away.  (Please clear your palate with this YouTube video.)

Okay, cool your giggles and let’s get back to business.  Casey James was up next with Lennon’s Jealous Guy. I really, really love Jealous Guy, and I have to say, I really liked Casey’s interpretation. It was stripped down, acoustic, and just so good! What’s wrong with me tonight? First I liked Big Mike, and now Casey? Am I going soft?

Siobhan, Siobhan, Siobhan. This week she toned down the crazy with a mellow, sleepy version of Across The Universe. Yes, it’s another one of my favorites (have you heard Rufus Wainwright’s version?!), and yes, I liked it! The judges criticized her for being a little too yawn-inducing , but I praise her for taking a risk and showing us that she can do something a little different.  Even if she doesn’t win (which she won’t), we haven’t seen the last of Siobhan Magnus.

Closing the night was my boyfriend (Hey Andrew Garcia, back off my man!) Lee DeWyze and a bagpipe player performing Hey, Jude. Lee sounded simply awesome. Yes, I love Hey, Jude, I love Lee, I love bagpipes. It was a total Idolgasm for me!

So where do they stand? Lee was my favorite, followed (of course) by Bowersox. Big Mike, Casey and Siobhan were all great this week. Actually, I feel like it was an overall great week for a change! Yay Idol! So who’s going home? For me this week, it’s either Andrew or Tim. No big loss either way, I’m sorry to say.  Sorry guys!

That’s all for this week. Sound off with your didgeridoo and bagpipes in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Beatles, Bagpipes & Didgeridoos”

  1. Hey…Tim actually did sing well this week. I don’t really like him but I had to stop hating him. His vocals were spot on. Crystal was durh amazing…but the best of the night was for def def defferz Casey Jamez. He gave me chillz!

    And Siobhan was TERRIBLE. I love that song too, but grrrlfriend sucked AZZ! NOT FIONA APPLE!

  2. Regarding Katie: yes, let’s do.
    I dislike boring Siobhan just as much as I dislike crazy Siobahn.
    Crystal was stellar. And, as always, I’m liking Casey.

    Harry thought that Andrew looked like a cross between these two:

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