Lee Pace was the star of Pushing Daisies, and he was happy.  Then his show was canceled because you didn’t watch it.  Then Lee Pace was sad.  And now, because Lee Pace needs to pay the bills, he’s starring in Marmaduke.  He’s so much better than 10th billing in [what appears to be] a TERRIBLE movie.  He should be touching people back to life and making delicious pies, not being pulled around the house by a CGI dog!  It’s all your fault, and I blame you!*

*This blame does not include anyone that regularly watched and loved Pushing Daisies.



6 thoughts on “I BLAME YOU!*”

  1. Pushing Daisies was the greatest thing that I have ever discovered on an airplane. I almost went into mourning when it was cancelled except I don’t own enough black clothes.

  2. I LOVE LEE PACE. I’ve been obsessed with him since he was on Wonderfalls…i miss that show!!! check it out!

    I blame all of you for not watching that show…which was awesome

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