Lee & ‘Sox for the WIN!

I’m ready to call this competition.  I don’t care if there are like 100 more weeks of eliminations or if Big Mike (who sang Maxwell’s This Woman’s Work) made Kara cry like Paula used to do every time she ran out of pills.  That mullet kid has some skills (he sang Ray LaMontagne’s Trouble), but he has … a mullet.  Cut the hair and cut him, I don’t care which one happens first.  Sure Didi sounded pretty good last night (she sang Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon) and Siobhan Magnus is bat-shit crazy (and proved it by singing the Animals’ House of the Rising Sun), and I love them both, but sorry — they’re just not gunna win.

So the winners are: Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox!  I don’t really care about anyone else.  They’re the best … they can just split the Ford car in half with a chainsaw and the share record deal (featuring some awful song that Kara pulls out of her ass about going from nothing to superstar).  Let’s just end the competition (I’ll get 1000’s of hours of my life back!) and call it right now! They won! Yay!

So what’d they sing this week?  Super sexy stoner Lee DeWyze sang the cheesiest pop song on the radio right now: Owl City’s Fireflies … and it sounded … great!  Anyone that can make that drivel sound great deserves to win a silly new Ford!  Dirty hippy Crystal Bowersox sang Tracy Chapman’s Give Me One Reason, and do I even need to tell you how good it was?  I do?  Well it was really, really good.

So am I as crazy as Siobhan?  Or did I get it right?  What do you think?!  Take the poll and sound off in the comments!


[Image credits: Michael Becker/Fox]


7 thoughts on “Lee & ‘Sox for the WIN!”

  1. Big Mike was good and so was Lee. The mullet must go. He also has a big bottom, by the way (and there’s nothing wrong with that – it just gives him an odd shape). And we already have a Ray LaMontagne. Do we really need another one? Bowersox was good (I love Tracy Chapman). None of the other girls impressed me. I still like blonde guitar guy (I can’t remember his name). And Todrick did a good job with the Queen song – Simon was right on about it being more of a Broadway performance. It sounded like something we’d hear on Glee… wait, we did! Can’t wait for Gleeeeeee!!

    I’m wondering how Bowersox/mullet will do on disco night?

    1. I was really surprised that they reviewed Todrick so favorably, cuz I didn’t like it at all! I think a few of the contestants are better suited for Glee … and hey, they’re both FOX, so ya never know!

    2. YES WE DO NEED ANOTHER RAY LAMOFOSNDFUWEOFNSLF!!!! Just like Randy, Alex has my favorite kind of tone (como James Morrison) and I think he is one of the few contestants who don’t have 7,000 pitch problems in their songs.
      I really like Lee, but he’s my 2nd fave guy at this point cause he is pretty pitchy at moments.

      1. Several of the contestants lately have been doing Glee related songs…including that awful rendition of “Smile” on Tuesday night…bye bye Paige!

        I agree that Casey was good too….i’m kinda of a sucker for the curly long blonde hair though…

        oh..and Tim Urban suck-diddly-ucked! What was with all the praise???? I mean…Leonard Cohen deserves much better treatment than that…

  2. I LOVE BOWSER’SSOX. I miss Adam Lambert! He was cute and pronounced some syllables with just the right amount of nasalnose to make it sound unique and endearing. I hope Siobhan Mania fallz off the stage and breaks her throat.

  3. And by “Adam” I of course meant “Alex.” Alex is cute and talented. Adam is a waste of flesh that should be put down like the whoredog he is.

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