Best Friend For A Day

On Friday of last week, I made a new friend.  She was fluffy, white, and wandering the streets near my mom’s neighborhood.  I spotted her while driving, pulled the car over and called to her.  She ran right over, happy as could be.  Around her neck was a purple collar and what looked like a sonic bark collar — but no tag.  I looped my belt around her collar and we started our walk.  Such a friendly, gentle girl didn’t deserve to be wandering alone.

Door to door we went, asking the local folks if they recognized my new friend.  Behind each door was a friendly stranger, but to them my new friend was unknown.  After about 45 minutes I did what I really didn’t want to do — I called the local police department.  They sent an officer, who in turn called local animal control.

As fast as I found my new friend, she rode away in the back seat of a police car.  Though our time together was short, I really wish her the best.  My fingers are crossed that her family thought to have their little girl microchipped or picked up the phone when they realized she was missing.  I hope they learn from their mistakes and add a tag to that purple collar.  No doggy as cute as as my new friend deserves to be wandering the streets.


5 thoughts on “Best Friend For A Day”

  1. Beautiful girl. I’m sure since she had a collar that someone is looking for her and would think to phone the animal shelter to see if she was there.

    As for chipping, my cats were chipped and when they got caught (yes yes, they are indoor cats now) they only phoned me about one because when they scanned the first one it didn’t read. When I went into bail the little buggers out of jail they scanned again and it worked so I’m always a bit leary now that when they scan if they get a negative they just figure there is no chip.

    If you are really curious you could try to find out which shelter they took her too and phone and ask if anyone claimed a big fluffy white dog that came in on X day.

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