More Wieners, More Fun! (Part 2)

With March 7th quickly approaching, Mikey and Adam have sat down to discuss their Oscar picks. Here’s Part Two of what they had to say…


ADAM – Well duh … Avatar is going to sweep the night. It’s true, whether we like it or not. But let’s switch gears and jump to music. For Original Score I’m going to pick something other than Avatar. I think this one is going to go to Up. I honestly felt that Avatar’s music was kind of annoying, but Up impressed me. For Original Song I’m going to spin the wheel and pick “The Weary Kind (Theme from Crazy Heart)” with music and lyrics by Ryan BingHam and T Bone Burnett. I’m not gunna lie – this one only gets my vote because the guy’s name is “T Bone” and that’s just cool.

MIKEY – Wow! I thought you were vegan, Adam! You are stealing both my choices and my jokes! I think Avatar‘s music was distracting, it wasn’t enjoyable and it didn’t engage well with the rest of the film. Up‘s score was surprising, delightful, and magical to the ear, while also propelling the story. For Original Song, I actually pick “The Weary Kind,” but only because it’s the one I think is most likely to win. Let’s move on to Costume Design, a category I know nothing about, but also one that I like to pretend that I do. Coco before Chanel sounds like a winner, but I have to choose Nine. I am, of course, basing this on a mathematical calculation. Number of gorgeous women featured in marvelous clothes in Coco Before Chanel = 1; Number of gorgeous women featured in marvelous clothes in Nine = every other actress in Hollywood.

A – While I know all about fashion and costume design, I haven’t seen any of the nominated movies. I’ll pick The Young Victoria because it’s a period picture, and probably had some pretty dresses. And since you brought up my vegan-ness, I’ll reveal my pick for Documentary Feature: Food, Inc. Granted, this is the only film I’ve seen in this category, but Food, Inc. was aaaaamazing. (It’s streaming for free on Netflix, and is definitely worth a watch!)

MFood, Inc. is a winner, because I have heard of it. I will consider adding the rest to my Netflix queue for six months or so. This way whenever anyone says they saw a great documentary from Netflix, I can tell them that I have documentaries in my Netflix queue too. At six months, I will get tired of going through my queue saying “what the hell is this shit?” and they will be deleted. Let’s move on to one of my favorite categories: Cinematography. I think The Hurt Locker’s terse, tense, and turbulent camera work electrifies this movie and deserves this award, but I am concerned about its chance against that other movie.

A – Am I the only person that didn’t LOVE The Hurt Locker? I mean, it was good … but award worthy? Nah. My pick for best Cinematography is Inglourious Basterds. This flick was one of my favorites of the year, and I feel like it will end up underrepresented at the awards. I’m also going to also give Inglourious Basterds (or Quentin Tarantino, rather) the award for best Original Screenplay. Inglourious Basterds is one of those movies that I can just watch over and over. It’s really, really well done. Also in the writing category; for Adapted Screenplay I’m going to give my award to Geoffrey Fletcher for Precious. It’s rare that a film moves me as much as Precious did, and for that it deserves the award.

M –Well, we may disagree about The Hurt Locker, but we do agree on Inglourious Basterds. Taranatino’s re-imagining of WWII was smart, entertaining, and crass in exactly the right amounts. For Adapted Screenplay, I am going to also go with Precious. Even the hardest of men, like Adam, were moved by it. Our next category is Supporting Actor and Actress. Christophe Waltz had a breakout performance in Inglourious Basterd and he deserves to be recognized for his part in making Inglourious Basterds the marvel it is. Mo’Nique stole my heart, threw a TV at it and told it to get me to vote for her. So I am.

A – Eww don’t talk about how I’m a hard man. Perv-o! First the b00bz obsession, now this?! Gross, just gross. You’re *this* close to me canning your ass from this website. For serial. And how boring are your picks for Supporting Actor & Actress? They’re boring because they’re MY picks! Waltz and Mo’Nique were both awesome in their roles, and if they don’t win … well that person better duck. Cuz I’m gunna throw a TV at ’em. How about best Actor and Actress? I didn’t see Crazy Heart, but I’m going to vote for The Dude anyway. Jeff Bridges is my pick. As for Actress, there’s no possible way that Sandra Bullock is going to win … is there? My choice is Meryl Streep, even though she’s already won the prize about 80 thousand times. They should really just retire the category and name her best actress forever.



3 thoughts on “More Wieners, More Fun! (Part 2)”

  1. I think Waltz and Mo’Nique will def win. And I agree with the IB opinions. I love Tarantino! Watch Jackie Brown!

    MERYL? She already won. Gabourey was AMAZING in her first ever role and totally deserves the Best Actress award.

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