We're Crazy For Oscar!

Check back over the next three days as Adam and Mike reveal their Oscar picks! Then on Sunday evening, start pounding your browser’s refresh button as we Live Blog the Oscars!

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4 thoughts on “We're Crazy For Oscar!”

  1. Are you going to make copious comments about the outfits? Because if you’re not I won’t be hear. There is only one reason to watch the Oscars and that’s designer dresses and drama.

    1. HERE, shit, can’t spell even after 1 1/2 cups of coffee. I likely won’t HEAR you either unless you get yourselves a blogTV channel.

  2. Tam – that’s why I watch too. And also for the odd humorous/weird speech/moment. I usually haven’t seen most of the movies until after the awards are over.

    I miss Cher and her wacky outfits.

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