Mikey & Adam Predict Wieners (Part 1)

With March 7th quickly approaching, Mikey and Adam have sat down to discuss their Oscar picks.  As both are members of the voting Academy (Adam is an acclaimed writer/director of various Documentary Shorts starring his cat, and Mikey has just slept with the right people to sneak his way in), clearly their picks mean a lot more than yours.  Here’s Part One of what they had to say…

ADAM – I think we should start with the three most important categories: Makeup, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.  While I have no clue what the difference between “Editing” and “Mixing” is, I think that all three of these awards should go to Star Trek.  It was an amazing film – one of my favorites of the year … and it deserves some recognition.

MIKEY – Well Adam, I have to disagree with you a bit.  Star Trek obviously wins against Il Divo (vomit! Sorry, Mom!) and The Young Victoria (how to make Emily Blunt paler) in the Makeup category, but I think The Hurt Locker‘s realistic and haunting waves deserve the Sound Editing and Mixing awards. I should also add that the make-up artist responsible for scrubbing Mariah Carey’s face should have gotten a special award!

A – Hmm if you say so.  What about Visual Effects?  That’s the only category where Star Trek was nominated and shouldn’t win.  That award should clearly go to Avatar. I’ve never seen a film that was more qualified for that award – it’s stunningly beautiful and visually amazing.

M –If this were any other year both District 9 and Star Trek could have easily been my choice in this category, but Avatar‘s 3-D wonder world dwarfs the visuals of any film of all time. NO… even better than what they did to this bimbo in that movie. Speaking of bimbos, lets move on to Art Direction.  I have to agree with one of my co-workers that the perhaps one of the most beautifully art directed movies of the year was left out of this category.  Tom Ford’s elegant, fashionable, and down right sexy mise-en-scene in A Single Man made Mad Men look like the little league. If forced to pick from the actual nominees, I would choose Avatar, because it managed to stay very far away from Robert Downey, Jr.’s smirky Sherlock Holmes.

A – Hey, Sherlock Holmes wasn’t that bad!  Sure it doesn’t deserve any awards, but it was a solid, fun flick.  As for Art Direction, I definitely agree with Avatar.  There are no other nominated films that even stand close.  Now let’s look at a different kind of art: Animation. For best Animated Feature, I’ll pick Up.  This film made me laugh, cry and everything in between.  The only other film that stands a chance is Wes Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox which was visually fantastic but a little lacking in the story department.

M – Lacking in the story department doesn’t seem to be hurting Avatar that much, so maybe The Fantastic Mr. Fox stands a chance, Adam!  Up‘s adventurous boy, man and Dug stole my heart and my head and easily becomes my choice for Animated Feature.  I do wish poor Coraline would get some award action, but I guess creepy and gorgeous doesn’t usually lead to happiness. But that is neither here nor there.  Lets move on to Film Editing. Okay … so you know it’s Avatar, which I don’t really want to write about again.  Soooo … Adam?



3 thoughts on “Mikey & Adam Predict Wieners (Part 1)”


    And LULZ at “how to make Emily Blunt paler.”

    And I thought Up was stupid but apparently I’m the only one.

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