Movie Reviews: Blood & Guts Edition

Movie reviews are boring,
so I review all the movies I’ve seen lately in 20 words.

Like it IsHot British gays with no shirts on get’n in fights.  Why is Roger Daltrey in this movie?  A decent film.

Never Back Down Hotter guys with no shirts on should just stop punching each other and start making out.  Only in my dreams…

The WolfmanHairy ‘bears’ attack you under the full moon.  Benicio Del Toro is creepy looking.  This movie’s amusing, but not great.

No Country for Old MenTons of violence, blood, death, cowboy hats, money, and one crazy haircut.  A great movie, perfect for the whole family!

Teeth Chompers in the vajayjay?!  Ewww! Gross! Keep out!  That’ll teach you to go sticking things inside! Chomp! No more p33n!


3 thoughts on “Movie Reviews: Blood & Guts Edition”

  1. “stop punching each other and start making out”

    I say that should be the United Nations new slogan. They can put it on their letterhead and have bumper stickers made up.

    Haven’t seen any of those. Doesn’t look like I missed much since there was no making out to be seen anywhere.

  2. I haven’t seen any of these either. Maybe I’ll see Teeth someday (if it’s on some night at 3am when I can’t sleep).

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