Duck and Cover

In 1986, my world changed. Howard the Duck came out and for some reason I became obsessed with it.  I don’t remember how it happen or why, but I do remember watching it and really enjoying it.  I must have driven my entire family mad with the repetition.

Last night, I found the movie on Netflix.  And I attempted to get in touch with my youth by watching it.

Through the eyes of a seven year old, the movie was an amazing fantasy with rock musicians, space travel, and a wise-cracking duck.

Some twenty-three odd years later, it was painful to sit through.  Within the first five minutes, I was confronted with female duck boobs…and it all went downhill from there.

There are some beloved movies from my childhood that still remain favorites of mine today and that I hope to one day share with my own children.  Howard the Duck is not one of them.

So tell me…what did you love as a child that you will now avoid? Pokemon? Peanut butter & banana Sandwiches? Share your childhood likes…that are now unlikes.


6 thoughts on “Duck and Cover”

  1. Hmmm. Nancy Drew? People used to give that bitch diamonds just to say thanks for solving our lame mystery. And you KNOW she was holding out on poor Ned. The guy was permanently frustrated. Why do you think he hung out with Dave and Burt all the time. I guess they’ve jazzed Nancy up in current editions but she’s just too perfect for words. But I loved her at the time and had about 30 of the books.

    I also used to dip white bread in ketchup for a snack. Holy crap I was trailer trash. LOL

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