Carrie & Her Dirty Pillows!

I recently watched Carrie for the first time, and decided that it was too good to group it with the 20-word reviews of other movies.  Actually, it was too good for just one 20-word review…

Don’t fuck with me, gay pride super Mario girl!  I’ll kill you and your friends with my giant bloody eyeballs!!!

Maxi pads, menstrual flow, nudity, Jesus statue, flying knives, ’70s bush, telekinesis, orgasmic screams, burning school, prom queen, AWESOME FILM!

My favorite quote from the film:
“I can see your dirty pillows — everyone will!  … Take off that dress.  We’ll burn it together and pray for forgiveness!”

Seriously, if you haven’t seen this flick lately, watch it ASAP!

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7 thoughts on “Carrie & Her Dirty Pillows!”

  1. Carrie is too scary for me. I don’t watch scary movies … ever. Now if it was remade as a musical with some lame silicon enhanced starlet in the leading role, maybe.

    1. TAM! There was actually a Broadway Musical of Carrie! It turned out to be a fantastic flop, but there are constantly rumors of a revival….

  2. This was a great creepy little movie. I’m not sure what I found scariest – Carrie’s mom, the graveyard scene or Sissy Spacek’s nose job.

  3. Carrie’s mom is totally scary and her final scene is extra creepy. Some of the prom is scary too and the other scene is definitely a jumper.

  4. As I already told you, I love Carrie and my fave line is “Shut up Chris, just shut up.”


    And you really like the dirty pillows line the best? Haven’t you heard it before? It’s probz the most famous line from the movie.

  5. This movie made Piper Laurie creepy to me for ages….but then again…she was kind of a bitch on Twin Peaks too…soo…maybe its not just Carrie…

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